The Best Hand-Held Aerators

Wine aerators are a popular gadget for any lover of wine. They are used for filtering wine, so it is able to breathe and reach perfection of its smell and taste. The more tannins the wine contains, the greater the amount of time it will require to breathe. Decanting and aerating is typically done for red wines; however, there are some whites that may require this process. The process you use will depend on the wine you are drinking. Older bottles of wine will require less time, making a hand-held aerator a great option.

There are several different ways to help with the breathing process of wine. Depending on the type of wine, the year and the amount of tannins, you may find one way will work better than another. Young wines that have a lot of tannins, such as a Cabernet Sauvignon, are the perfect wines to decant. Pouring wine in a decanter will allow enough air to reach the wine so that it reaches its full potential. You may also pour the wine directly into a glass to allow enough air to reach your wine. A hand-held wine aerator like the VinoTru has a filtration process that allows the wine to aerate in seconds. For wine lovers who just can’t wait, this is a great option.

If you are new to red wine and want an easy way to make the flavor come to life, an aerator is a must. You will definitely be able to tell the difference. VinoTru has received a lot of positive feedback from consumers, and they are considered a great investment. The wide mouth of this aerator makes it easy to pour with little mess, and it even comes with a convenient travel bag.

According to wine aerator reviews, the VinoTru, is a great way to produce a smoother, more balanced glass of wine without having to wait. While it is larger than some hand-held aerators, it comes with a stand, so it looks great sitting on your counter top or bar. Several reviews express the durability of this aerator as opposed to its competition. With its easy to use and easy to clean design, it is a great gadget to own or give as a gift.