The Mystery of Buffalo Comes Across in the Facebook Page of Miss McCollum

Buffalo is a very cloudy and foggy city. Suring many afternoons and mornings in the city, a fog looms over the buildings and streets. It is impossible to even see the top of some of the higher buildings from the ground. Good luck looking across the water from the very small yet very long beach that runs along the Western side of Buffalo. It may have something to do with the city’s proximity to the Great lakes. Niagara Falls is only thirty minutes northwest, and that brings up many enchanting weather patterns and fogs of thick cloudy air.

Juliette McCollum is not exactly enchanting. She is not the greatest embodiment of what Buffalo, New York is all about. She loves dolls, enough to add a picture of one in a whimsical way to her main profile picture on Facebook. It is a very serious looking image, one not commonly associated with dolls. She has an obvious and peculiar adoration towards Captain Hook. Maybe the Dustin Hoffman Hook from the late Steven Spielberg film, or maybe the version that came with the original Disney film in all his animated glory. It could even be the real Captain Hook, which would definitely be a little like Buffalo (except switch Lake Erie out for the great high seas).

McCollum is a character in her own right. She has a lot of fun in the heart of Buffalo, but she ends up being quite quiet about it. If she had anything to share with the city she lives in, it would be that aura of mystery. just as the fog hovers over Buffalo during the spring and summer, McCollum does not air everything out in a long laundry list. Twitter is not her main place of choice. She likes the filters in Facebook, and she does not want everyone to hear about every little update. In a weird way, she makes every post count. She removes the fat and delivers a Facebook page that is lean, smart, and a little mysterious. These are not words commonly associated with Facebook, but she makes it work so very well.