The Power Behind Two Mainstream Blenders; Blendtec and Vitamix

There remains approximately 10 billion different health options in the world, and each one provides something just a little bit different from the last. So yes, this is a completely made up number, but it bares an important point. There is just such a massive number of conflicting options for health conscious individuals, and any one good option can be replaced by thousands of others with an equally ravenous fan base.

But one thing that just about everyone can agree on is that a blender is rather necessary for exploring these options. Blenders mix ingredients, prolong a liquid diet, and offer the opportunity for some pretty eccentric mixes. A great blender deserves to be in every home, especially those that are taking a healthy diet in on a daily basis.

So many people take individualized looks at products. This time it is an overt comparison between the often criticized blendtec designer blender and the newer Vitamix. On the very surface, these products seem almost identical. Their shape and build is just about the same. So how do they stack up upon further analysis? Well, one popular strategy is to commit to something known as ‘The iPhone Experiment.’

Most Americans are familiar with the toughness of an IPhone. Sure it may crack when dropped from five feet, but it is still a rather solid and tough device. The iPhone test means putting an iPhone in the blender and seeing how long it takes to liquidize it. Some inferior blenders may take upwards of an hour to liquidize the famous device. It took the Blendtec unit less time compared to the Vitamix unit, but that is to be expected. The Blendtec designer unit carries a 3-peak horsepower compared to Vitamix’s 2-peak. It is a far cry from a Ford Mustang, but when working with such lower numbers, one is a substantial difference.

There is more on the table here than just performance, but it is an important piece of the puzzle. On this basis alone, the blendtec designer vs vitamix battle supports a Blendtec victory. Considering the design equality, it is a modest victory at best.