The Right School for your Daughter

Adolescence can be incredibly difficult for many girls. Girls can be so negatively affected by the way society tells them they should look or act. They are hit with many different messages on who they should be. It is very easy for depression to set in which can lead to a variety of complicated issues in their lives. During the ages of 13-17, girls are developing life skills for who they will become in the future. If they turn down the wrong path, it can be difficult to get back on track without help.

Sedona Sky is a boarding school for at risk girls who are 13-17. They work with girls who are struggling emotionally during the most pivotal time of their development. Some of the different challenges that Sedona Sky works to help girls overcome are body issues, choosing the right friends, drug and alcohol abuse, anger issues and depression. Through their equine therapy program, they work to empower young women and to help them find renewed self-confidence and self-worth.

The structured program offered at Sedona Sky really allows these girls to get a handle on their lives and how to push through the negative and to focus on the positive. They are introduced to enriching activities in a warm and inviting environment that will allow them to thrive. All of the therapists at Sedona Sky Academy have been licensed or are license eligible through the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Services. Through individual therapy and equine therapy girls whose outlook once looked bleak, becomes bright with endless possibilities.

For Sedona Sky Academy information and to find out if this school may be the perfect fit for your daughter, visit their website today. You can watch a number of videos to learn more about the school. You can also chat live with an admissions coordinator to learn more about what your options may be. The admissions coordinator will discuss with you your daughter’s history and the kind of things that have impacted her life. You will be able to fill out the application directly on Sedona Sky Academy’s website which is the first step in securing a spot for your child should you choose to move forward with the enrollment process.