The Versatility of America’s Favorite Condiment

Okay fans of ketchup, you better sit down for this – mayonnaise is the most popular condiment in the United States. Yes, sales of mayonnaise (or Just Mayo) and mayonnaise wannabees trounces all other condiments with numbers over 2 billion per year. That’s a lot of sales for something made mostly of eggs, oil, and vinegar. Actually, the science of making mayonnaise is a tad
challenging due to the vinegar’s water content.

Some people have discovered that making mayonnaise is not so simple the hard way – by trying to make their own. The oil has to be added just right otherwise it splits back into its original parts of oil and water. With so many great brands on the market why bother, especially since homemade mayo only has a shelf life of less than a week. In the United States, mayonnaise must contain at least 65% oil with most brands ranging between 70 and 80-percent oil.

Mayonnaise versatility goes beyond that of a condiment. It takes front and center in many sauces suitable for poultry, fish, or meat, such as remoulade and tartar sauce. It is the primary binding component in Grandma’s potato salad, tuna or chicken salad, and nearly every pasta salad recipe imaginable. Mayonnaise is often combined with herbs, spices, hot sauce, soy sauce, or even
ketchup to make a delicious topping for hamburgers or dipping sauce for grilled chicken wings.

Enterprising bakers often replace the eggs or fat in recipes with mayonnaise which stands to reason as that is what mayonnaise is made of to begin with. Still other folks use mayo instead of butter or margarine to toast their grilled cheese sandwiches. Some top their hot dogs with mayo instead of mustard or ketchup and in part of American South it is used as a base for barbecue sauce.

Finally, for those folks that just don’t like mayonnaise, here are some alternative uses for this versatile product. To soften your cuticles dip your fingers in a bowl of mayo instead of oil, or if you have dirty piano keys simply spread a thin coat of mayo on them, wait five minutes and wipe with a clean rag, and instead of spending several dollars on brand name hair conditioning products, try
slathering mayonnaise on your hair followed by a cool rinse. Your shiny hair will be the envy of the office.