These Sustainable Cookies from Hampton Creek Will Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

More and more people realize that how they live will affect the future for their children and the world around them. Because of this, when it comes to food, they want to find the healthiest and most sustainable meals, made from foods that are truly delicious. One of the food technology companies that is seeking to meet this need is hampton Creek. Based in San Francisco, California, they first surprised the food industry with Just Mayo, an egg-free alternative to traditional mayonnaise. It was so successful that the company has now turned to other products, one of which will especially be of interest to the whole family: Just Cookies.

Traditionally, cookies have often contained eggs and butter, but concerns have been raised about how sustainable these products are. The amount of resources that are consumed by domestic chickens and cows for these animals to stay healthy and produce eggs and milk is substantial. Similarly, more resources are used afterward to process the eggs and turn the milk into butter. If a cookie was made that did not contain eggs or butter, it could help make a more sustainable dessert, saving valuable resources and protecting the environment. A cookie like this would have to be made from plant products that require fewer resources to grow, making it also cost less. Then families could rely on these cookies to fit into their sustainable lifestyle while saving money as well. That is the role that Just Cookies can fill.

The benefits of Just Cookies don’t stop there. Both eggs and butter are ingredients that contain cholesterol, which could potentially contribute to someone developing a problem with high cholesterol. A cookie that is free of cholesterol can help people keep their cholesterol at a healthy level while still enjoying the foods that they love. In addition to this, some people are allergic to eggs, and a cookie with no eggs in it is perfect for them. Any food technology that allows everyone to aim for better health is worthy of notice, especially if there is no loss when it comes to taste. With Just Cookies being praised by celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and others, it is clear that they can be delicious, as well as healthy and sustainable.