Tips for Enjoying Green Tea on a Daily Basis

Using Japanese green tea bags to create delicious beverages each day can allow a person to drink to their health. Green tea is full of potent catechins that fill the body with the antioxidants it needs to fight the free radicals that attack the cells. With green tea, a person can have sustained energy and greater focus and concentration. Since most people get the best results by consuming the tea daily, it is important a person learns the many ways they can use the tea to enjoy it in different ways.

  • A traditional cup of Japanese green tea is perfect for starting the morning. This tea is traditionally made a little thicker than what most people in the Western world are used to. One simply takes two heaping tablespoons of tea powder and mixes it with about two ounces of warm water to form a thick paste. Water can then be added and whisked in until the right consistency is achieved.
  • Lattes are made even more delicious when green tea is used. To make this delicious beverage treat, simply make a traditional cup of Japanese green tea and then heat a cup of milk. The milk can be poured directly over the green tea and can even be frothed for a traditional bubbly feel. Those who prefer added sweetness can drizzle in honey or agave syrup.
  • Green tea can also be mixed in with any type of smoothie, adding in a pizazz of flavor and offering six to eight hours of increased energy. Since the Japanese tea is ground so fine, it easily mixes in with any type of liquid whether it be hot or cold. Many people add a couple of scoops of the tea powder to their shake or smoothie each morning for added energy.

Green tea powder can also be used as a seasoning on eggs, fish, and vegetables. Many people bake with this green tea, making donuts, cookies and tea bread. No matter how one chooses to use it, they will find it gives them health benefits by protecting the body against cancer, heart disease and the aging process. Consume it every day and see if your health does not improve.