Tips for How to Use One of the Most Versatile Knives in Your Kitchen

Cleavers are one of the most versatile knives you can find in your kitchen. There are three basic types of these knives and they are each used for different kitchen chores. A heavyweight version of this knife is used to cut meats and cut through chicken bones. A lightweight version should be used when chopping up soft foods, while a medium weight version of this knife can be used for both purposes. Knowing how to use this knife is important, for your safety and the function of the knife. This information will assist you in knowing how to properly use the knife in your kitchen.

Using a cleaver takes practice, but it is not difficult to master. You will use one hand to grip the handle. Make sure you use your dominant hand, so you can have a steady grip. You will use your other hand to hold the food you are going to chop. Make sure you curl your fingers under, so your knuckles are resting against the flat side of your knife. This will help to protect your fingers from being chopped while you are trying to cut your meat or vegetables.

To ensure your safety while cutting, you will need to make sure you only slightly lift the knife with each chop. This will help to ensure your fingers do not slip under the blade. It will also assist you in making smooth and even cuts through your food. As you are slicing, you will slightly rock the knife back and forth, using a seesaw motion, until all of your food has been chopped.

To make your job easier, make sure you carefully sharpen your cleaver blade each time you plan to use it. Using a sharp cleaver means less pressure needs to be used, to get the job of chopping done.

To learn more tips for using and caring for your cleaver, make sure you check out different sources on the Internet. There are tons of videos and websites dedicated to helping people master the art of using this special knife, so they can see good results in their cooking preparation.