Tips for Purchasing Green Tea Powder

Green tea is considered a superfood because it has more antioxidants than other teas. Matcha green tea powder is especially high in antioxidants with 137x the amount in other green teas. This special tea has been used for centuries by the Japanese to heal their bodies and stop headaches and depression. The ceremonial grade of matcha is used in Japanese tea ceremonies and is considered the highest grade of green tea one can buy. These tips will help people to know how to purchase green tea so they can receive answers to their question, where can I get matcha green tea powder.

Before purchasing matcha green tea, one needs to decide why they are interested in this particular tea. If they are looking for matcha because of its superior taste, then a ceremonial grade is the way to go. Those who are merely interested in the tea because of its health benefits will find culinary grades of matcha will provide them with all of the nutrients without the higher price.

Those who want to purchase matcha need to be aware of where it is grown and how. The more a person knows about matcha, the better prepared they will be to purchase the perfect grade for their health and well-being.

Matcha is grown in different parts of the world, but primarily in Japan and China. When matcha is grown, it is carefully protected throughout the growing cycle to ensure it has the highest levels of chlorophyll and other nutrients available. Using bamboo shields, the planters protect the plants from the sun and then pick the leaves without including the stems and veins. This process gives the highest amount of green color and protects all of the valuable antioxidants.

Matcha must be protected at all times to ensure the antioxidants are not destroyed by light. The powdered tea must be placed in an airtight bag or container that will not allow light to enter. Tea that is exposed to air and light should never be purchased since it will not be as beneficial healthwise.

When this tea is purchased from a reputable retailer who knows the importance of protecting the tea, a person can be sure they will be purchasing the highest quality tea they can afford. With green tea, people can protect their health, improve their energy and lose weight.