Understanding the Role of an Occupational Therapist

Occupational therapy is a type of healthcare profession that is focused on a person’s ability to perform a number of everyday activities. OT helps to promote independence by enhancing the skills necessary to do these activities or teaching an individual a new way to accomplish them.

In order to get OT a patient has to have a physician’s referral. At the first appointment, the occupational therapist will provide a thorough evaluation of the patient’s needs, their issues and concerns. The therapist will them create a custom treatment plan based on the improving the person’s functional abilities. They will consider the person’s social well-being, psychological well-being and their physical well-being, in addition to various environmental factors when creating a treatment plan.

There are quite a few activities that may be addressed during OT, which fall under the categories of social participation, leisure, work, education, play, instrumental activities of daily living and activities of daily living. Any activity that is related to self-care are the ADL. This includes sleeping and resting, sexual activity, personal care, functional mobility, hygiene, bathing, dressing and grooming.

The instrumental activities include using communication devices, financial management, caring for pets, doing laundry, shopping, driving, cleaning, cooking and other domestic tasks. The therapy that is given will include goal-directed activities that have been designed for creating, restoring, improving and maintaining abilities and skills. Some of the activities will be used to enhance a person’s sensation, motor skills, strength, range of motion, cognition, motor planning, proprioception, coordination, endurance and balance.

Hiring an occupational therapist, such as Scott Tellez, will help those in need of enhancements in their daily abilities. It is important to remember that not all occupational therapists are created equally. Each one may have their own specific area of expertise, which is why it is important to consider the person being hired.

Take some time to consider all the details and ensure the right OT is hired. Doing this will ensure the proper treatment and the desired results are achieved. A general physician will be able to determine if this type of service is needed and will help ensure the right OT is found.