Using Culinary Matcha in Sweet and Savory Dishes

Including green tea powder in any diet will improve health and boost energy. Repeated studies have shown the organic form of matcha powder to be as beneficial as its claims state. Culinary grade green tea powder makes this affordable and easy to do. There is much more than just lattes and smoothies that can be improved on, both by taste and nutrition, with the addition of this powder.

Unfortunately, many people have avoided purchasing the product because they do not find green tea appealing. For them, using it in baked goods and other recipes is a sensible solution. The flavor and scent of the tea can be adjusted according to how much powder is used, and when paired with other ingredients, it can become appealing to even fussy eaters.

Culinary grade Matcha tea from Kiss Me Organics should be used for cooking and baking. It is not fine enough to dissolve quickly for brewing tea or mixing in beverages and it may taste bitter. Instead, look for recipes that incorporate the powder into a baked or cooked dish. There are many creative ways to use the powder and many bakers and chefs enjoy the beautiful green hue the powder adds.

For sweet treats it can be mixed with yogurt, honey and vanilla and then frozen to create a refreshing dessert. Cookies, brownies and cupcakes are all good bases that work well with green tea powder. It can even be added to pancake or waffle mix. One of the best uses is to add the powder to an oatmeal muffin recipe. This is a quick and easy to-go breakfast that is a healthy way to start the day.

Of course increasing the amount of sweets in a diet is counterproductive when attempting to get healthier. The good news is that matcha powder can be used in savory recipes as well. It can be added to any pasta recipe to create a brilliant green homemade gnocchi or spaghetti. Matcha can be added to sauces and seasonings or used to flavor rice. When paired with fish or chicken, green tea rice is a perfect side dish. There are plenty of recipes available, but everyone should feel free to experiment on their own to find the dishes that appeal to them the most.