Venezuela 40% raising the minimum wage

Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro in Cheap Coach on CNBC today announced that Venezuela raise the minimum wage 40%, to $ 67 a month. But in Venezuela even if the minimum wage level is not too much 40% because according to IMF forecasts, this year, Venezuela’s inflation rate reached about 500%, about next year’s inflation rate will reach 1660%. Venezuela’s minimum wage, including food subsidies and at the same time reaching 90812 glass Val.

According to data from the most popular unofficial website DolarToday, currently Venezuela’s minimum wage has reached $ 67 a month after Venezuela the minimum wage per month 65065 glass Val. But according to Venezuela’s official ceiling calculations, Venezuela latest minimum wage of US $ dollars and 138. President Maduro this is the fourth time this year to raise the minimum wage. Food and receive coupons and worker benefits in Venezuela accounts for wages of most.

Maduro was again an increase in the minimum wage, because after opposition party leaders prepare for planning a nationwide workers ‘ strike activities in order to expel President Maduro. Maduro’s party leaders say business staff will be involved in the strike were arrested by armed forces, which currently supports Maduro. Maduro also did not forget to raise the level of wages of the armed forces, of course. Venezuela’s Army wage rose by 20%. Opposition leader Nicolas Maduro expressed anger the armed threat to strike and declared Maduro is abuse, in defiance of government organizations. In addition to ready to strike on Friday, but opposition leaders have called their supporters to participate in the parade, held on November 3.

Although Maduro on Coach official website on Thursday announced an increase in Venezuela of ordinary people in the minimum wage, but the Venezuela people and nothing helps, after all, they are unlikely to get the money to buy enough food, stored in his refrigerator. This year Venezuela people are facing severe food shortages, most recently since the Government relaxed controls on food prices, food shortage is eased. However, since the Government relaxed controls on prices and, in some areas, food prices began to soar, so much so that many people cannot afford to buy food. Last week due to the re-election of President Maduro rejected opposition claims the proposal of the President, Venezuela relations of the two parties began to tense up. Maduro’s supporters attacked on Sunday by the opposition-controlled National Assembly. Venezuela national armed forces surrounded the National Assembly, and demonstrators out of the National Assembly against Maduro.