Video Recipes from Hampton Creek Are Available Online

Someone who has just discovered Hampton Creek’s Just Mayo sandwich spread and its new line of salad dressings may want to learn more about the company and its products. Numerous articles and reviews can be found online, and additional details from Hampton Creek itself are prevalent on the company’s official Facebook page. The company has fun connecting with its customers, answering questions and offering an array of recipes.

With this company focusing on products without any animal ingredients, the recipes naturally focus a great deal on vegetables. That’s appealing to many individuals, including those who avoid animal products altogether, those who don’t eat meat, those who limit their meat intake, and those who look for new side dishes to add to family dinners. People looking for recipes are likely to include parents who want to make veggies more palatable to the kids, and to people who want to impress dinner party guests with gourmet vegetable main courses, side dishes and appetizers.

An example of a spring recipe focused on asparagus, which is only available in most residential gardens during the springtime. The company offered a recipe with a Mediterranean sauce known as an aioli, which fundamentally contains olive oil and garlic. Hampton Creek included Just Mayo, lemon juice, onion and tarragon for a creamy version.

People who love cooking will enjoy checking the social media page regularly to discover new ideas. The tarragon aioli can be used all year round, as it certainly does not have to be exclusively for asparagus. Tarragon goes very well with sweet potatoes, for instance. The amateur chef might like pouring this sauce on those veggies when fall arrives, then serving it to the family for a sweet veggie treat.

On the social media site, Hampton Creek routinely links to its YouTube videos so people can watch the recipe being brought to reality. The videos are shown at a relatively quick pace so viewers don’t need to spend 10 minutes watching the process, yet they can still see exactly how everything is done. There are recipes for noodle stir-fry, avocado fries, chocolate chip brownies and many others.