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It isn’t often that a company introduces an idea or concept that changes the way an industry operates. While there have been many shifts in the production of food, Hampton Creek is re-writing the rule book by introducing food replacement products that offer the same delicious taste in a healthier format. While there are many ways they are changing the food industry for the better, the following represent those areas where they are enacting the most change. Learn more about the company and how they are making things better for farmers, consumers and grocery store owners.

Commitment to Health

Hampton Creek is committed to providing products that are healthier than the traditional alternatives. Founders of the company see the value in providing foods that are wholesome and nutritious for everyone. None of their products contain high fructose corn syrup, monosodium glutamate or animal based products. Instead, they focus on using little-known plants that can provide the same result as those derived from animals.

Delicious Alternatives

Just because a product lacks animal ingredients doesn’t mean it isn’t full of flavor. Products such as Just Cookies and Just Mayo provide consumers with the same tantalizing taste experience, but without the unhealthy side effects. This enables those with food allergies and sensitivities to eat the same products without a fear of becoming ill as a result.

Nationwide Availability

While it’s great for a company to produce excellent products, it is important for them to be available on a national level. The marketing team at Hampton Creek has positioned themselves as a leader in the food industry by securing shelf space in some of the largest grocery store chains in the United States. This allows individuals from all over the country to experience healthy foods easily.

Learn more about the company and how they are changing the way the world looks at food. Their partnerships with companies all over the globe have enabled them to make a positive impact that allows families to feel good about the food they eat. Visit to read more about their developments and how they are making sure food is delicious and healthy for the environment.