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How to Choose the Right Amazon Cruise The Amazon rainforest is home to unmatchable life that includes: 400 amphibians,1,300 birds, 427 mammals, over 3,000 freshwater fish and over 40,000 plant types! Throughout the variety of species, statistically the percentage comes out to about 10% of the known species of the world existing in one place. Because of the size of the rainforest, there is much we do not know about; an average of 1,500 new kinds of animals are found annually in this unique forest. One would not want to be in a river such as the Amazon because it has such a strange combination of animals from Bull sharks to alligators and even large snakes! The Amazon river drainage basis forms the foundation for the 2,300,000 square miles of Amazon rain forest that surrounds. Many countries have parts of the rainforest such as: French Guiana, Guyana, Columbia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru, and primarily Brazil. As for the Amazon river, it is the second longest river on earth but is actually the largest by total flow to such as degree that it takes the previous seven rivers together to equal it. The Amazon River is 4,000 miles in length and is so strong with a total output of 209,000 cubic meters per second. With over 700 million international travelers each year, it is the rain forest and surrounding life that is the main interest. Tourists either stay at resorts or tend to reach out and adventure into the forest alone to learn about plant and animal life. One way to best from your trip is to take an Amazon river cruise and visit every part along the river.
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This earth has so many living things and amazing places to show; you can get the best of it all on a river cruise that we highly advise on everyone going on at least one time. With the variation of animal and plant life you will see all around you, it will leave a stamp in your mind for the rest of your life.
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The Amazon reaches far which provides choices within which cruise to take and areas of the amazon to explore. A great place is based on a reserve in Peru that surrounds three river basins and has much to view. Cruises often are from 8-10 days and cost 2k-8k per ticket with much of a selection in cruises. Many of these are actually smaller boats on up to mini cruise boats that can house from 32- 450 people depending on the duration of the journey. Amazon Cruise reviews can be found fairly easily with a couple simple searches online and some time to read each review to get an overall consensus. Before you search reviews you must plan your trip and choose a few companies to research and then read the reviews. Upon figuring out the details of your trip, and the specific company you wish to use; you can then research the companies credentials and reviews on them from customers before you. Amazon cruise review are the most effective method to ensuring your experience is optimal.