What Can a Vitamix Do for You?

No kitchen is complete without a blender, but a Vitamix blender will fill the void. The Vitamix is a multipurpose machine, making whole fruit juice and smoothies, cooking soup, blending ice cream, nut butters, grinding grain and mixing dough. This machine will do the work of several other appliances, reducing the need to own a juicer, an ice cream machine, a food processor, and a mixer.

Vitamix is not the average run of the mill blender, it has a 2-peak horsepower motor and will quickly reduce an iPhone into bits. Now that is a some horsepower! The Vitamix can do more than just puree a mobile phone. While operating at maximum speed the friction that the blades generate is so great that the Vitamix can heat cold water to boiling in a 10 minutes. On the polar opposite end of the temperature scale, the Vitamix can blend creamy ice cream or sorbets in minutes. The Vitamix also has the ability to make a true smoothie, not a chunky, unlike other lower powered blenders that can’t properly blend up the ice chunks which leave a large ice ball or multiple smaller chunks in your drink.

The Vitamix has two container options, a wet and a dry. The wet container used for almost every application, except grinding grains. It is recommended that if you are going to grind grains often that the dry container is used. The spinning grains can scratch the interior, making it difficult to see inside the container. The scratches do not affect the strength or durability of the wet container, but is purely cosmetic damage.

A new machine has a 7 year warranty on the motor and accessories, making this one of the longest on the market. The top of the line model retails for $689 and the low end is from $299, $484 is the average price of a new Vitamix. Offering a 5 year warranty and factory reconditioned units, the vitamix refurbished start at a lower price point, $299. For an additional $75 another three years can be added to the warranty, providing 8 years of coverage.

A kitchen appliance that can boil, freeze, chop, blend, juice, grind and mix, the Vitamix blender will provide a lifetime of usefulness. Whether you select to purchase a new or factory reconditioned machine, the Vitamix isn’t just a blender, it’s an investment.