What culinary schools do top chefs recommend?

There are many fantastic top chefs all over the world that make food that is simply to die for. What culinary school do top chefs recommend? Most of them all had a different school that they went to depending on what part of the world or country they live in, and of course, they will likely all recommend their school to any prospective student or budding chef. Here are what some of the top rated chefs are recommending on the Culinary Connection website.

Most chefs all around the world suggest that a student actually go into school for business if they are going to attempt opening up their own restaurant and food service operation. Most people don’t go into food service because they have no idea how to cook and want to get better, someone has already told them they are able to, they do it well, and that they should share their gift with others. Taking a few courses in various cooking techniques that are unknown to the potential chef is likely the best option because most culinary schools are for profit and don’t actually teach a student practical experience.

Many top chefs will tell anyone looking to cook that an internship working at an actual restaurant for experience is the best way to learn experience. Most hotels, restaurants, and other establishments will not hire someone without a minimum of two years experience in a kitchen anyway. Many chefs feel that going to culinary school is a waste of money because if you can cook something before going to school then you don’t need to be there.

Working in food is a sink or swim scenario. Many students leave culinary school being taught by inexperienced instructors and no experience. They will likely never find a decent job because all the top chefs are busy teaching those that went straight to the hotels and restaurants to find work while everyone else chose to go to culinary school. If you want a future in food, check out the Culinary Connections website and find an internship near you that you can use to become the next top chef.