Why Do People Stop Eating Eggs?

More and more egg-free food products are popping up on your supermarket shelves. You may even have read about parents demanding egg-free flu vaccines for their kids. More celebrities and politicians are extolling the benefits of switching to a vegan or plant-based diet. Why are so many people now quitting the egg habit? There are nearly as many reasons as there are people who refuse to eat eggs or anything made with eggs.

Egg Allergies

About eight percent of the United States’ population has a food allergy. Eggs are one of the foods most likely to cause awful allergic reactions like hives, nausea or problems breathing. Children are most likely to develop egg allergies. The good news is that the majority of kids with egg allergies suddenly will no longer be allergic to eggs when they become adults. In the meantime, they need to stay clear of any poultry egg or product made with or from eggs.

Supporting a Loved One Who Can’t Eat Eggs

It really stinks to watch everyone around you eating foods that are forbidden to you. This is why many parents, partners or friends of people who suffer from egg allergies eat the same egg-free foods as their affected loved one. Friends and family of those who go vegan for ethical reasons may also want to help support their loved one by sharing their vegan diet.

Wanting to Eat Cruelty-Free

It has been said that if slaughterhouses had glass walls everyone would be a vegetarian. On the same level, if sheds of battery hens had glass walls everyone would stop eating eggs as well as chickens. Since it’s very difficult to find out if all of the food you buy containing eggs uses only organic or cage-free eggs, some people find it’s easier to just stop eating eggs altogether. This way they can be absolutely sure that they do not support a cruel industry.

Because They Love the Taste

They may be quiet but they are out there — people who just prefer the taste of egg-free foods to those made with eggs. These are the people who buy items like Hampton Creek Egg-Free Mayo because their taste buds tell them to. Who can argue with taste buds?