Why Is Hampton Creek So Committed to Providing Superior Vegan Food Products?

As healthier lifestyles are being embraced, more and more vegan and vegetarian food manufacturers are being introduced in the market. Even twenty years ago, finding these products was extremely difficult unless one visited a health food store. Even then, there were very few choices. Today, Hampton Creek has started an initiative that has changed the way these foods are being made. They have introduced a line of vegan food products that feature simple, plant-based ingredients so consumers can be sure they are making a sound choice.

Since the company was founded in 2011, the founders, Josh Balk and Joshua Tetrick, have continued to produce outstanding products that appeal to the vegan community. Their first goal was to produce a vegan “egg” product that had the same texture and taste as true eggs. Unfortunately, at the time, there were no egg products available on the market and they knew this gap needed to be filled.

Josh and Joshua had been friends since they were teenagers and had always held many of the same beliefs regarding animals and their unconscionable treatment. Through their partnership with Khosla Ventures, they were able to use pea protein to begin creating a vegan egg substitute that would rock the food manufacturing world.

Since their humble beginnings, they have continued to grow and now offer many vegan food products that are being sold in big name stores. Today, these products are even being served in schools, providing children with vegan food options that offer healthy alternatives to their favorite types of foods.

Through their research, they have created a database of plants that have allowed them to carry out their research in a systematic method so they can capitalize on the best attributes of each plant and learn what combinations can be used to create the best vegan food products.

As they continue to work in research, they hope their findings will allow the food industry to evolve so they can offer a wider range of vegan products so vegans will have access to more healthier food choices than ever before. With their growing popularity, this company is setting the benchmark for higher quality vegan food products.