Why New Food Technology Is Important to Shoppers and the Earth

Each day thousands of grocery shoppers carefully choose foods that they believe are safe. Unfortunately, they are often buying animal-based products that can be unhealthy, no matter what their labels or advertising claim. That problem is the reason that many stores now stock Hampton Creek’s products. Merchandise sold by the young food technology business consists of tasty, healthy replacements for items not normally labeled as health foods.

It All Began With a Change of Perspective

Hampton Foods began as an idea after Joshua Tetrick and Josh Balk noticed a fundamental food supply problem. The two socially-conscious and well-educated young business people saw that a majority of everyday foods are created using animal based ingredients. They realized that the animals needed for food production are part of an unsustainable supply. Livestock needs to be fed millions of tons of plants that are not fit for human consumption. The pair also saw that changing to a plant-based food supply would boost global economies, create healthier diets and help farmers. That led them to form a food technology business that they named Hampton Creek.

An Egg Replacement Started a Food Revolution

The first Hampton Creek project was a plant-based egg replacement called Beyond Eggs. Not satisfied to just create a healthy product, company founders insisted that it taste and act like genuine eggs. They wanted to create products that are so appealing that buyers will eat healthy without effort or even realizing they are improving their diets. With that in mind, Beyond Eggs was used to design Just Mayo, an egg and cholesterol free, delicious mayonnaise substitute. With a goal of increasing benefits to shoppers and the planet, company owners expanded and hired food and tech experts. They created the now popular, healthy Just Cookies and Just Cookie Dough. Tech specialists built a database that is used to identify thousands of plants that would make good foods and cash crops. Hampton Creek also expanded its distribution. In the near future they predict that stores like Walmart, Safeway and Whole Foods will be selling more than 40 of their products.

Shoppers can now buy delicious plant-based substitutes for foods like mayonnaise. The products are supplied by Hampton Creek, a new food technology business with a mission to improve the quality of food while helping the planet.