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Reasons Why Writing Has a Great Effect on Us Regardless if what you write, whether it’s a children’s book similar to the works of Lemony Snicket, or Daniel Handler in real life, or just a simple essay about dolphins, writing for me has always been something that works like a two-edged sword: it gives something of so much worth to the readers and it bestows something so powerful to the writer. And this is not just my claim; through extensive research and dedicated experiments by highly respected psychologists, scientific data can back this up. A clinical psychologist currently teaching at University of Toronto, Jordan Peterson is the founder of SelfAuthoring.com, which provides users with guided writing exercises to help them become more motivated and productive, among others. He also studies on the effects of writing to our state of mind and emotions.
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Through extensive research and a number of experiments, he has found out that a person who regularly writes is less likely to suffer from depression and is more likely to be productive and motivated.
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He has asserted that, “The act of writing is more powerful than people think”. You may think that your writing for business-related matters are different from when you participate in the writing exercises that the website provides, but the fact is, they actually have quite the same effect on you, your mental state and your emotional one. It was observed that when Peterson’s students have been more and more motivated by bringing out the past and by thinking about the future. You will experience the same thing if you are going to take time to write about anything that you want: your personal experiences, may it be your business, or your struggles at school, your English writing assignment. The essential ingredient is critical thinking, which is the central idea of this study. Through writing, your mind will resort to a deeper, much slower process of thinking to make way for an organizing that will arrange your ideas into coherent thoughts that you can, in the end, write down. That stage will allow you to have a much clearer picture about a lot of things: yourself, your ideas, other people, your surroundings, and many others things that go on in your head. But you must realize that the thinking has very little to do with this. It all lays on the writing that you get to experience this. It is the act of writing that greatly affects your thoughts, it geared you towards clarity, motivation, and productivity. There is little point on thinking about things ahead of time, like your idea on the current state of affairs, about your childhood, about how you feel at the moment, then planning to write about it later on. You just have to write it all down now.