Why Shoppers Are Looking for Information About Hampton Creek

Many shoppers have been finding healthier versions of some favorite foods on grocers’ shelves. That is because stores like Target and Walmart now stock products like Just Mayo, a cholesterol-free spread that uses a delicious egg substitute as its base. These and other new foods are made by Hampton Creek, a food technology business dedicated to creating tasty, eco-friendly products that make it fun to eat healthy foods.

Better Foods Come From Better Sources

In addition to providing great tasting products, Hampton Creek is getting a lot of public attention because it is dedicated to finding better sources than animal-based products. The young business has already introduced several foods that buyers love, including salad dressings and egg-free Just Cookie Doug. Many buyers first find out about Hampton Creek through media articles. The startup has been showcased in publications like Vegan Lifestyle Magazine, Forbes, USA Today, and Newsweek.

The Planet Benefits From Food Technology

The founders of Hampton Creek began their company because they saw a fundamental flaw in the way food is sourced. Most foods that consumers buy are sourced directly from animals or contain animal-based ingredients. Unfortunately, that is an unsustainable system that is harming the Earth’s resources and inhabitants. Animals are generally raised in dirty, inhumane conditions and are often fed hormones. Byproducts from the industry are polluting water and those producers are using vast amounts of land to grow feed. Hampton Creek is solving the problem by offering plant-based products. They are better for consumers, eco-friendly, and sourced from cash crops that help farmers all over the planet.

Product Lines Are Rapidly Expanding

It only took Hampton Creek five years to go from one popular product, Just Mayo, to dozens. The business has been expanding and developing new products since it began in 2011. In the near future, Hampton Creek will offer more than 40 foods, including dessert and breakfast mixes. They are even working on a sugar substitute. Long-term, the food technology experts expect to market over 500 healthy alternatives to current products.

Happy shoppers are now able to buy several delicious, healthy alternatives to mayonnaise, cookie dough, and salad dressings. The plant-based products are made from eco-friendly sources and created by Hampton Creek, a food technology company.